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University of Wisconsin-Madison

Clinical Sciences Center

Events Scheduled On - 04/18/2021

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Event StartEvent EndEvent NameRoomBuilding
06:00 AM06:00 AMOffice of Clinical TrialsCSC K3/401BClinical Sciences Center
07:00 AM08:00 PMF4/4 Patient care meetingsCSC F4/417Clinical Sciences Center
07:30 AM05:30 PMDOM Student Work RoomCSC E5/422Clinical Sciences Center
07:30 AM04:30 PMDOM Student Work RoomCSC E5/668Clinical Sciences Center
08:00 AM05:00 PMPalliative Care TeamCSC E5/682-BClinical Sciences Center
12:00 PM02:00 PMD46 Social Distance LunchCSC D5/607Clinical Sciences Center
01:30 PM04:00 PMCarson DePagterCSC K6/100-LClinical Sciences Center
08:15 PM09:30 PMTina BolekCSC K6/100-MClinical Sciences Center