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Events Scheduled On - 01/20/2018

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Event StartEvent EndEvent NameRoomBuilding
12:00 AM12:00 AM2121 Permanently OfflineHSLC 2121Health Sciences Learning Center
04:30 AM04:30 AMInpatient Nursing Annual ReviewCSC E5/682Clinical Sciences Center
06:30 AM12:00 PMVision Science RetreatHSLC 1325Health Sciences Learning Center
07:00 AM02:00 PMDOVS 2018 Winter Research RetreatHSLC 1220-1222Health Sciences Learning Center
07:30 AM12:30 PMFMIG student leadership retreatHSLC 3330Health Sciences Learning Center
07:30 AM12:00 PMVision Science RetreatHSLCA1325Health Sciences Learning Center
05:30 PM07:30 AMACCESS RESTRICTED AFTER HOURS/1121WIMR 1121Wisconsin Institutes for Medical Research
05:30 PM07:30 AMACCESS RESTRICTED AFTER HOURS/1190WIMR 1190Wisconsin Institutes for Medical Research